The Platforms

This page provides an overview of the future Kinovis facilities and the system technical description. (The sketches shown in this page do not represent faithfully the final facilities.)

INRIA Platform 

  • 3D sketch of the future acquisition space


The acquisition platform at INRIA Grenoble, the big one :

  • 10m x 10m x 5,6m room
  • 10m x 5m x 3m acquisition volume
  • 60 color cameras
  • ToF cameras
  • computing : more than 35 computers in the cluster
  • motion capture system

CHU Platform 

  • 3D sketch of the future CHU acquisition space

3D Sketch Kinovis CHU

The acquisition platform at CHU Grenoble, the little one but with sharp gaze :

  • 2 X-Ray C-ram with two high frame rate cameras (500 Hz)
  • 8 color cameras
  • 8 computers in the cluster

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