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4D, or space-time, models are sequences of 3D shape models that represent live and dynamic events, human activities for instance.

This page contains such 4D models of human and non-human interactions, which can be downloaded from the “data download” section.

Softwares related to space time modeling, e.g. a viewer, are also available for download.


This repository aims to disseminate the data acquired with the Kinovis multi-camera platform (and GRImage, Kinovis ancestor), hosted at INRIA Grenoble, France.

It also seeks to be a common repository for dynamic mesh-sequences acquired from similar platforms elsewhere in the world.

Other Capture Scenarios

If you are an academic researcher, it is possible to acquire custom multiple-view image sequences in Kinovis. See this page for more information.

If you are from a European research lab, the travel costs incurred by your visit to the platform can even be reimbursed by the Visionair project (Visionair).

Other Ressources

You can find similar resources from the University of Surrey

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