Building works

The Kinovis multi camera setup needs a large space to perform multi-camera acquisition for 3D reconstruction. The INRIA library room, because of its size, was chosen as the unique solution in the INRIA building to set up the platform. The INRIA library will be relocated in a new room close to the future Kinovis room.

Although the chosen room has some appropriate features required for the Kinovis facilities, some modifications are necessary :

  • The most important one, raising the roof up to 7m high. It means metallic structure modifications, the current metallic beams will be removed and replaced by new ones.
  • Doubling the windows with plaster plates to prevent the day light from entering the room
  • Laying ethernet cables from the Kinovis room to the server room in order to transmit video data to the Kinovis cluster
  • Create a work space around the acquisition space

In addition, a new room will be created close to the Kinovis room to relocate the library, the patio and some offices around the Kinovis room will be renovated.


The building works are separated into two phases :

  • A period of preparation of the works and the construction site : 1 month (02/24/2014 – 03/21/2014)
  • The building works : 7 months (03/24/2014 – 31/10/2014)

You can see below the planning of the works :

Building works planning


The building works in progress

Every few days, one panoramic photo si taken from each corner of the future Kinovis room. Respectively on the following photo, from the northeast corner, from the northwest corner, from the southeast corner and from the southwest corner :



Roof installation :

20140505-DSC_0125 20140429-DSC_0112 20140429-DSC_0111 20140424-DSC_0086 20140424-DSC_0083 20140424-DSC_0081 20140424-DSC_0080 20140424-DSC_0076 20140424-DSC_0075 20140424-DSC_0074 20140424-DSC_0072 20140424-DSC_0070 20140424-DSC_0068 20140424-DSC_0066 20140424-DSC_0063 20140424-DSC_0062 20140424-DSC_0061




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