Photo session at Kinovis

Here are a few pictures taken during an acquisition in Kinovis.

During the geometrical calibration of the 3D reconstruction system, we show lights on a so-called “wand” to all the cameras. To improve the detection, the studio is in the dark.


Then we do a “dance” where we move the wand around in all the locations where we want to do 3D reconstruction. In reality, the studio is kept dark.


After the calibration, which lasts about 15 minutes, the system can be used to do offline 3D reconstruction. In offline mode, a video sequence is acquired first…


… then the reconstruction can be done interactively at selected time instants.


The 3D reconstruction also works in real-time, but without textures. This is still an area of active development and discussion between researchers and engineers…


… in front of a huge 4k screen.


Participants: Julien Pansiot, Vanessa Peregrin, Matthijs Douze. All photos are © Inria / Photo H. Raguet.

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